Published: March 19, 2020

The five different types of dumpster sizes

The five different types of dumpster sizes

Everyone knows that a building project leads to lots of material waste to dispose of. It’s the construction crew’s responsibility to safely dispose of all the trash on completion of their project. And what better way to do it than by hiring large capacity dumpsters.

While renting dumpsters does provide a solution to getting rid of all this waste, you must select the right sized dumpster. It’s because there are so many dumpster sizes to choose from.

It doesn’t matter if you are a homemaker with a remodeling project, or if you are a contractor who needs to eliminate waste. You need to select the right sized dumpster for your waste disposal.

There’s no point in renting a large unit if you don’t have much debris dump. Similarly, renting too small a unit will not help you get rid of all your trash. Here is an attempt at helping you understand and know all about the different dumpster sizes.

Different dumpster sizes

The first thing you need to know is that dumpsters come in yards, which describe the amount of debris it can contain. So, for example, 10-yard units can easily carry ten cubic yards of waste. Similarly, here is a brief rundown of the available dumpster sizes.

10-yard dumpster

The 10-yard dumpster, equivalent to 4 pickup trucks, can hold a maximum of 10 cubic yards of debris. It’s perfect to hire if you plan to clear out a one-car garage or if you are making some minor updates to your home. In short, these are popular options for home projects, junk removal, spring cleaning, and cleanouts.

15-yard dumpster

These dumpsters are equivalent to 6 pickup trucks and are used either as a residential or commercial dumpster. It is perfect for debris removal after interior home remodels like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling. 15-yard dumpsters are also perfect for dumping all the rubbish into after de-cluttering your home, yard and garage, and after a landscaping project.

20-yard dumpster

Twenty-yard dumpsters are equal to the volume of 8 pickup trucks. It comes with four-foot side walls, making the perfect debris removal vehicle after large residential projects.

It’s so popular for cleaning up large residential projects like basement renovation and window replacement because of its ease of disposal. It’s all thanks to its open top and large rear door.

Besides, you can even walk in the first few trash loads, letting you make maximum use of its debris removal space. Moreover, it also fits into most driveways and leaves some room to spare.

30-yard dumpster

You are most likely to see 30-yard dumpsters, which are equivalent to 12 pickup trucks at construction sites. Of course, you can always hire them for a residential project, like roofing, new home build, or demolition, if required.

These dumpsters are about 22 feet long and fit into most driveways. Besides, its higher weight makes it a natural source of disposing of a large amount of waste and bulky items.

40-yard dumpster

These dumpsters can remove as much debris as 14 pickup trucks. They are the largest in dumpster sizes, which is why they are most used at commercial construction sites.

Examples of its uses are commercial and significant renovation jobs, construction debris removal, and roof replacement.

Construction site are anyway places where there’s lots of waste to be disposed of for effective waste management. Besides, these dumpsters are just right for getting rid of the debris accumulated after a renovation or build.

Always compare

Now that you know about the different dumpster sizes, and where they are best suited for, it’s left to you to make the final deciding choice. You have to look for the best dumpster to remove all your waste.

Remember that both the weight and volume of your materials determine the amount you will have to pay as dumpster rentals.

And if you wonder how to measure dumpster sizes, it’s easy. Yes, you may be confused because the dumpster’s extyeriors are in feet, and measured in cubic yards.

You need to multiply the dumpster’s exterior dimensions to calculate the dumpster size. Then multiply the measurement in feet by calculating length x breadth x height to get its volume in cubic feet. If you want to convert the resulting number into cubic yards, you can do so by dividing the result in cubic feet by 27.

Now that you are aware of the five different dumpster sizes, you can finally make your final decision on the best dumpster for your debris removal.

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